Who are we?

Our Vision – What we want to be:    Faithful to God; Grounded in Love, responsive to the world.

Our Mission – What we do:      Nurturing people in body, mind, and soul for the glory of God.

We are a community of believers. We believe. We are not saying that we have it all figured out. We are not saying that we have all the answers. We are not saying that we any better than other people. We are saying that we are people who are doing our best to understand ourselves and our relationship with God, we are on a journey of faith together.

We are community of serving believers. We believe that what we do means as much as we say or what we think. Jesus calls us to love God and love our neighbors, and we attempt to do that through service to the community. We offer many ways for people to serve and help one another.

We are a worshiping community of serving believers. Our service stems from our love of God. We gather together every week to sing, pray and hear and learn more about the God we serve. We have different forms of worship, but it is the same God being worshiped.