Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church

Adult Sunday school is on hiatus. Classes at 9:45 AM Sunday mornings will resume as COVID restrictions are relaxed. Planned is a study of the Beatitudes. Class meets in the Fellowship Hall.

Thursday night Lenten Study – led by Pastor Murray.

Details are To Be announced.

Thursday night zoom study:  The Book of Ruth.

Note: due to the recent resurgence of COVID-19 this class will be delayed until folks are able to come in and pick up their workbooks.

We will continue the Thursday evening Bible theme after Easter, on Thursday April 21st at 7:00pm. Please sign-up in the narthex or call the church office at 541-779-1711 to register your intent to participate. Workbooks will be available in the church office, or for residents outside of Medford, the workbook can be ordered from Amazon books. Pick up your copy at the church or order it from Amazon: “Ruth workbook, God’s Amazing Love for You.”       ISBN-13:  978-1732633100

This study will be a six-week workbook study of the Old Testament Book of Ruth; a beautiful example of God’s love and sovereignty.  This will be presented in the Zoom format; popularized by our recent success. This study of Ruth will be moderated by Carl Hultquist and several different volunteer members of the group. As the Book of Ruth begins, you will see two women who were facing the worst days of their lives. They could not have known how God was setting the stage for their greatest blessings to come.
The Book of Ruth is about a fascinating journey of a courageous young, widowed, Moabite woman, Ruth, who, as a proselyte Jew, adopts the religious customs and beliefs of her Mother-in-Law, Naomi.
In this Bible Book of Ruth, we can see that we don’t need to be a perfect family to become a useful tool for God to use. Ruth’s story is one of loss, loyalty, love, family lineage … and hope! Since you love God and want His will for your life, you will relate to Ruth.

Adult Sunday school will resume soon.

Details are To Be Announced.

Murray taught a class “Reading Revelation Responsibly” April 14-May 26, 2021.

Videos and other materials for that class have been archived: archived materials for the class.