First Presbyterian Small Groups

Exciting times are coming to First Presbyterian this fall as we launch small groups. Groups will be based around your particular interests. We are starting by offering three groups, with more possible depending on your interests. Each group will have a trained leader to get things going, but we anticipate that what each group chooses to do (including the frequency of meetings) will evolve.
These are the initial choices:

  • Mission – undertaking short-term local mission projects suggested by the Mission Committee or others, such as assembling comfort bags for Set Free ministry to the homeless.
  • Bible study or spiritual interest – we have dozens of study aids and several faith-based books to draw from.
  • Fellowship –such as meeting for a meal, gathering to discuss a good book or going to a concert or tourist attraction (how about a jet boat ride?).

We expect that most groups will meet in the homes of members, or if they are primarily a fellowship group, at a restaurant or similar location. Barbara Haddon, who has experience setting up successful small group programs, is advising the Christian Education Committee as they launch this venture in growing as disciples and sharing fellowship. The first groups should figure on starting with at least monthly meetings beginning in September. What we’d like you to do is fill out this form to let us get started with forming the groups:

Interested in Mission GroupInterested in Bible Study GroupInterested in Fellowship Group