When looking for a church home, we hope to find a perfect marriage between the church we ultimately choose and our personal and preferred style of worship, study, fellowship and mission outreach.

First and foremost, we are a community of Christians that strives to be disciples of Christ through both faith and action. You may wish to know what makes our church unique as well as universal among the world’s Christians.

Our sermons, worship, and Christian Education are, of course, Biblically centered. We use all the tools of understanding the history, culture, original languages, and thought behind the words of scripture. Then we take one step further toward modern application of the scriptures to our every day lives. We always seek the “timeless truths” which speak to every generation.

On Sundays we offer two services to accommodate those who prefer informal worship at 8:30 a.m. in our Fellowship Hall. Our SonShine Singers and congregation sing folk music as well as selections from our Hymnal. We are accompanied by piano and flute.

Our traditional Service in our sanctuary takes place at 10:30 a.m. At this service we experience the beauty of our large Schoenstein pipe organ, our Chancel Choir and hymns. Our Bell Choir, Tintinnabulation (our bell ensemble), our children’s choir and other special music also enrich our worship experience.

We are exceptionally active in hands-on ministry with our local community. Even though we are not a large church we have a staff of 26 and many volunteers who make our mission happen. Our Mission Statement is: “We are Christ’s people graciously welcoming all into the family of God. We reach out with compassionate hands and hearts to the downtown community. Through inspirational worship, we seek a deeper understanding of God’s word.”

Our mission includes a weekly food distribution, a large tutoring program for those learning English and new citizens. We open our doors seven days a week, free of charge, to not-for-profit and helping groups.

As a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) we participate in state and world-wide mission.

We own and operate as part of our mission the Sarah Corson Child Care and Learning Center. Many parents who work serving our larger community are pleased to entrust their children ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten to our care. We also offer an after-school program and a summer program for elementary school age.

First Presbyterian Preschool, our traditional preschool has served children and parents for almost 60 years, providing a part-time experience for children three to five years old.

During the school year we offer our Wednesday Night Live after school program for elementary and middle school children with a program of Bible study, children’s choir, recreation, crafts and dinner. Adults join the children for dinner and then participate in adult Bible study.

We also offer Adult Education and bible study for women and men during the week. We are an inclusive congregation. In an often divisive world we embrace people of all ages, races, and cultures. Our facilities are handicap accessible, with an elevator connecting the second floor of both of our buildings. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We are straight and we are gay. Even though we are a Presbyterian church, we have members and friends from other churches and denominations and those who are seeking a church for the first time We all get along, respecting a diversity of viewpoints. Our theology of inclusiveness stems from the example of our Lord who welcomed all people in love.

You are invited to read more details in this website. Plan to attend one of our worship services, weekly activities, or fellowship events. We have numerous fellowship activities throughout the year, including game nights, concerts, and talent nights. Contact us by email, telephone or letter. Better yet visit us in person!