WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Josie Metz is collecting the small Reader’s Digest books for a craft project for WNL. If you have any old ones and would like to donate them, Josie would happily take them. Oh, and this Sunday is the Noisy offering. Please remember to bring your pocket full of change.

Pie Share Sunday:The Congregation is invited to come celebrate Pastor Murray’s 2nd year of leadership with First Pres. We will be having our 2nd annual Pie share Sunday on November 15 after each service at the coffee hour social. Bring a pie of any flavor to share with others.

Manor Bible Study: will be held at the Klamath Room at the Manor Skyline Plaza on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.  There will NOT be bible study November 17.

Study Group: Join United Church of Christ pastor, Kurt Katzmar, and Presbyterian pastor, Murray Richmond, on Monday evenings, in a 6-week study on the Hebrew prophets. Walter Brueggemann, arguably America’s leading Old Testament scholar and theologian, leads us in a video discussion of the Hebrew Scriptures, identifying cultural contexts, putting a framework to Israel’s history and drawing connections between Israel’s sociological, economic, and spiritual status and that of America today. Monday evening class will meet in the Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Medford. Time: 7 – 8 p.m. Class ends November 23.

Community Thanksgiving A joint, community-wide, ecumenical Thanksgiving service will be held at First Presbyterian Church, Medford, on Sunday, November 22, at 4 p.m. with many local clergy participating in the service. Kurt Katzmer willl be preaching.

Christmas Giving Shop:  Beginning mid-October, there will be boxes in the Narthex for you to leave your donations for the Christmas Giving Shop.  This shop will be open the three Wednesdays in December before Christmas for Food Bank participants.  The participants will be able to select gifts to give to family members from the items you you donate.  The Christmas Giving Shop is looking for like-new items or inexpensive purchases for inventory for the store.  We will be collecting now through the end of November.

Scrooge! “The Musical:  At the Randall theater on Sunday, December 13th at 1 p.m. . . . . . .Scrooge!The Musical is playing. See Carolee Jones or Ruth Engle for tickets and/or more information.

Our Prayer Circle:  Each morning at 7:45 a.m. a Prayer Circle led by Helen McKee and the Deacons will pray for our church, Pastor, and those on the prayer list. The congregation is invited to join us by praying at 7:45 a.m., wherever they may be. If this is not a good time, pray when it is more convenient. Prayer is always appreciated.

Second Service Coffee Hour Hosts. The Fellowship Committee is encouraging members to sign up as coffee hour hosts for Sundays, December through March. There will be a sign–up sheet posted on the kiosk. Please indicate if you are willing to serve on any of the dates listed. Coffee hour hosts serve the church coffee, tea and provide a small snack for after church fellowship. Please join in this important church function.

For current information about other upcoming events and activities associated with the life of our church, check the 8th & Holly Monthly Newsletter (click on link at right) or the monthly calendar page. Both are posted on this website or contact the church by email or 541-779-1711, ext. 200.