The Time has come!

Public Worship Service at First Presbyterian Church is now fully open. Everyone is welcome to attend worship Sunday at 11:00 A.M. in the Sanctuary.

You do not need a reservation to attend and there are no mask requirements! (If you have not been vaccinated you are strongly encouraged to do everything possible to protect yourself from the COVID virus.)

Come! Sing with us! Pray with us! Listen to the Lord with us! Come join us as we celebrate God’s love through worship!

FPC continues to provide on-line worship service. New videos usually become available on Sunday morning. You can watch anytime.

Bulletin for July 25 Service


Small Groups

First Presbyterian is organizing small interest groups this fall. If you are interested, please visit our Small Groups page where you can register your interest.

Daily Devotional and Other readings

Reading List of important Social Issues and a Christian Approach

Read the FPC Daily Devotional


For more information see: Christian Education

Class – Freeing Jesus:  Link to more information or to register

Link to previous FPC Videos (on YouTube)

Link to previous FPC Videos (on Vimeo) starting Oct 2020

Link to Previous FPC Audio services and announcements


The Brown Bag Cafe remains open Monday – Thursday. Volunteers serve prepackaged lunches to those in need at the church downtown.

The Food Bank is operating in partnership with the West Medford Food Pantry.

The food pantry is located at 750 N. Columbus across from the Santos Center. It’s open on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 until 4:00.

West Medford Food Pantry


Worship Times

We have 2 worship services weekly and a special
Jazz Vespers Service on the second Sunday of each month.



All are welcome to join any of our choirs. We have 2
vocal choirs and 2 handbell choirs.


Christian Education

Classes at First Presbyterian


All are welcome in our fellowship.  We are part of the Presbyterian Church USA.  We have two worship services weekly and a special Jazz Vespers Service on the second Sunday of each month.  Other regular activities include a sack lunch program for the hungry Monday through Thursday from 9 am to noon. Wednesdays we have a Food Bank.  A variety of fellowship activities are scheduled throughout the year.



Events This Week


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